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February 14, 2008 - 2:47 PM

[lists] - Worldometers - real time world statistics and the Worldclock and Earthclock. Welcome to the future. (I've always wanted to create something like this, and finally I find 3!)

Timeline of historic inventions

List of people widely considered to be eccentric. (not considered worthy of keeping as an official article, but copied by one of the users prior to deletion)

Lists of unsolved problems

Template:Irreligion, a list of irreligious beliefs

The First Telephone Book (via) 2006 Lists and 2007 Lists

Canadian Place Names (unusual and unique) and other links to Place names considered unusual

and I seem to have added a list of admittable or great television shows to my film page... (woe. though I did have fun going through youtube clips, checking that certain things lived up to their memories :)

February 12, 2008 - 8:37 PM

[cats] - YouTube - 3 bengal cats on exercise wheel

Mr. Lee CatCam's Phototour

YouTube - Christian the Lion Reunion! It really doesn't get better than that. Watch, then read, then watch again.

although 4 kittens and a box, for 2 minutes comes close - cats... with Wii controllers... the internet is so weird.

US cat 'predicts patient deaths', and Oscar (cat) at Wikipedia

Directory of inter-species snorgling (that's a technical term..) many cats, plus else.

Kattbank - bench/litterbox