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December 24, 2001 - 01:52 AM
Merry Humbug to one and all.

December 23, 2001 - 09:59 PM

December 21, 2001 - 07:19 PM
Test Pilot Collectiveô. Firstpage Archive, almost 3 years worth of daily inspirational design. Go catch up on a few months worth.

December 17, 2001 - 12:11 PM
????? : TIME CAPSULE i so so want the jimwoodring figurines. marvelous.

December 17, 2001 - 11:48 AM
interview from 1967: The Prevalence of Hobbits
"Exhausting! God help us, yes. Most of the time I'm fighting against the natural inertia of the lazy human being. The same old university don who warned me about being useful around the house once said, 'It's not only interruptions, my boy; it's the fear of interruptions,'" (His wife, Edith Mary, isn't in good health and Tolkien does a lot of housework.)

December 16, 2001 - 02:53 AM - Searching for Bookmark Management Solutions. a good summary of the various approaches.

December 08, 2001 - 04:04 PM
from BBC Online - Top of the Pops - Jimmy Saville Page 1
TOTP: What was the impact of that very first show? Did it change anybodyís life?
Jimmy: " The majority of the people didnít watch it because it came at 6.30 on New Years Day. In 1964 a lot of people had hangovers. It didnít change my life because it was just a pinnacle, it was a culmination. It did change the life of many people when it became a household name. Parents watched [Top of the Pops] because it was the only time they could ever join in with anything with their kids. The kids could opinionate and tell them about this that and the other - it was a 30 minute reunion of a family which at that time was threatening to break apart. It was a great fusing together.
TOTP: As it went through the 70ís TOTP was criticised for sexism - what is your view?
Jimmy: "In the 70s, 80s and 90s there came something called Political Correctness. Now Political Correctness, apart from being a load of crap, is something that gives lesser people a tub to thump, people who are nothing. They would come and say you are doing this and that. Why didnít they ask Panís People if they minded dancing in provocative gear? They enjoyed it. Queen Cleopatra wore gear like that - I mean, do me a favour! Political correctness has ruined more people, jobs, and atmospheres than anything else in todayís society."

December 06, 2001 - 06:02 PM

December 05, 2001 - 12:15 AM - Inside the Segway. IT looks grand.

December 03, 2001 - 01:01 PM

December 02, 2001 - 10:39 AM
christmas you say? why sure!

December 02, 2001 - 10:15 AM

December 01, 2001 - 07:05 PM
Drinking Bird, the little heat engine that runs on water! Details on the science behind it, and how it could be enlarged for use as a powersource. Drinking Happy Bird 4mb .mov.
and yes, I accidentally fell into a toy store yesterday. I now have 3 of these birds around a mug. Cat is entranced. I am entertained.

December 01, 2001 - 10:39 AM

December 01, 2001 - 02:21 AM
WireHead Studios. These people make mods. This is what mods are.