October 29, 2005

[games] - in my past - part 2
Then I was old enough to leave the house by myself, and found the arcade: Final Fight, Golden Axe, Street Fighter II, Paperboy, Operation Wolf, Out Run, Smash TV, Mercs, Rampage...

After outgrowing the atari (ie getting jealous of my friend's computers) i discovered the continuing joys of hardware upgrades, with the pc. 386, 486, 586, 686: SimCity, Lemmings (play online!), Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max: Hit the Road, Monkey Island series, Prince of Persia (play online!), Myst (oh myst..), Syndicate (video and game!), Grim Fandango, Descent, Dungeon Keeper II, The Sims, Wolfenstein 3D & Doom & Quake and other first-person shooters (serious sam, tribes 2, no one lives forever, quake3, return to castle wolfenstein, ut2004), IL-2 Sturmovik, Darwinia, with a brief foray into MUDs.

with the occasional stab at a friend's console system: GoldenEye, Wipeout XL, Herzog Zwei, Klax, Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt, Pilot Wings, Return Fire, Road Rash 2. (and watched a friend (hey Justin!) play most of The Secret of Mana, and The Ocarina of Time)

and finally i bought my own console, a Playstation2. most enjoyed so far: Katamari Damacy & We love Katamari, God of War, Ico, Rez, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Spiderman 2, SSX 3, The Simpsons: Hit & Run, the Burnout series.

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October 27, 2005

[games] - in my past - part 1
The Escapist - The Left Behind "I know I'm not alone. I've seen entire tribes of refugees during my travels, people fixated on one dead game or another."

the first game i ever played, was Space Invaders on my mom's greenscreen amstrad.
possibly the second, on the computers at her office, was Leather Goddesses of Phobos (a text adventure, that came with a scratch-n-sniff card, and a "lewd" setting...)

at my grandad's house, when on holiday, i got to play a small handful of Apple II games: Choplifter, California Games, Black Magic, Frogger, and Rogue (play nethack!)

then for christmas one year, i got an Atari ST: cue hours of Dungeon Master (play the clone!), and more...
Altered Beast, Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh, Attack of the Mutant Camels, Battle Chess, Buggy Boy, Elite, Flood, Gauntlet, Gods, Ikari Warriors, International Karate plus, Ivan "Iron Man" Stewart's Super Off Road, Joust, Kick Off 2, Magic Pockets, Marble Madness, Mega-lo-Mania, Midwinter, North & South, Populous, Powermonger, Pirates!, Super Hang-on, Speedball 2, Stunt car racer, Super Sprint, Wicked, Wizball, Xenon 2 Megablast,
if you're feeling masochistic, download this emulator, Steem Engine, and games.

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September 13, 2005

[games] - the sequel to (the best ps2 game ever) katamari damacy comes out tomorrow in N.America: We Love Katamari (official site). here's some fan art that the original inspired.
Katamari Fantasy Night cosplay.
Katamari hats
Katamari Doh-macy
Katamari Damacy iPod sock
Katamari Da Vinci
Katamari papercraft
more Katamari cosplay
rock rolling
lots of pictures at the katamari-club gallery(bottom of page), and at
Flickr:katamari including sculptures, cake, toys, and more cosplay
another cake
yarn blanket
some great katamari wallpapers
vinyl models
some discussion from kottke
and finally some words from/about the creator of the game, Keita Takahashi, on the game's design, games for the elderly, his keynote at the GDCE, and some of his other art.

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August 07, 2005

[toys] - The ultimate football table

a Giant football table by maurizio cattelan. "In 1991 he made Stadium, an enormously lengthened table-football game designed to be played by two teams of eleven players."

Human Foosball. life size, inflatable.

soccer board game’ by kosuge 1-16 and yokocom (via)

Table football - Wikipedia. overview of the sport, strategy and variations.
A brief history of football tables

funny trick shot video (wmv)

The Football Table Robot from Freiburg uni (videos, article). And the Foosbot from Rice uni (via).

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May 27, 2005

[games] - a metric whackload of TV video game commercials, primarily japanese, but also retro/foreign/US. 10:34 PM .:.

March 05, 2005

February 01, 2005

[games] - plasma meets asteroids. best clone ever. mono. (download) 12:28 AM .:.

January 28, 2005

October 28, 2004

[games] - Schadenfreude Interactive 02:41 PM .:.

September 28, 2004

[games] - Katamari Damacy is out for PS2. go buy it NOW. pure joy. 08:15 PM .:.

September 18, 2004

[games] - Speed runs through some classic and modern memories. mario, doom, zelda, half-life, etc. 10:53 PM .:.

August 17, 2004

[games] - Fractal Tic-Tac-Toe 01:34 AM .:.

June 19, 2004

[games] - Lovechess. cough. 01:51 AM .:.

May 29, 2004

[games] - antiwargame (via) 02:42 AM .:.

April 02, 2004

[games] - Mogi: Second Generation Location-Based Gaming [see also, the short story Maneki Neko in A Good Old-Fashioned Future] 08:10 PM .:.

March 31, 2004

[games] - The Kingdom of Loathing. hilarious lo-fi adventuring. (i'm quiddity, the level 2 pastamancer (yeast scholar)). a limited number of Adventures per day (40 battles/explorations) means the addiction is self-limiting too! 02:16 PM .:.

March 20, 2004

[games] - am intrigued. katamari tamashi (movie) (via octopus dropkick! via glitchslaptko) 08:39 PM .:.

January 23, 2004

[games] - yeti baseball 10:34 AM .:.

December 30, 2003

[games] - CurveBall and fly_2 (more at parent and addicting games) 12:20 AM .:.

October 16, 2003

September 02, 2003

[games] - the National Budget Simulation 05:29 PM .:.

August 15, 2003

[games] - fullscreen it. about 15 mins. stunning. Samorost (via k10k) 11:32 PM .:.

August 03, 2003

[games] - Truck Dismount. as much fun as a barrel of monkeys. 04:04 PM .:.

June 25, 2003

[games] - Britain attempts world's silliest video game. nice gamepad. wants. 01:19 AM .:.

May 16, 2003

[games] - Minions! 08:52 PM .:.

May 13, 2003

[games] - Slashdot | Sam & Max in 3D. oink! 02:01 PM .:.

April 25, 2003

[games] - you owe it to yourself to download the free Flying Model Simulator. fly the glider, absolute tranquility by the spoonful. 11:21 PM .:.

April 24, 2003

[life/games] - Deep play 08:56 PM .:.

March 20, 2003

[games] - retro Atari Coin-Op Flyers 11:53 PM .:.

March 12, 2003

[games] - The Art of Urban Warfare 10:23 PM .:.

December 07, 2002

October 20, 2002

[retro] - you feel an urge 02:25 AM .:.

October 02, 2002

[game] - Bookworm. A sort of scrabble meets tetris. timesink. 10:32 PM .:.

September 30, 2002

The Floating Eye cannot hurt you, but it can paralyze you with its hypnotic gaze. 11:02 PM .:.

July 12, 2002

[game] - pong. addictive like you wouldnt believe. 02:04 PM .:.

October 23, 2001

x-box comes out soon. do Not buy one. 07:01 PM .:.

August 11, 2001

GameSpot: Beta Test Center. 10:54 PM .:.

June 02, 2001

State of Emergencygameplay.mov demo. 5.2Mb 11:14 AM .:.

June 20, 2000

it reads like the paper of an english major/economics minor undergraduate. An anthropology of a semi-existent universe. Really quite neat: The In-game Economics of Ultima Online [via antenna] 12:29 PM .:.