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October 29, 2009 - 7:04 PM

[typography] - a copied comment from Font or Typeface?:

The correct hierarchy of typographic termi­nology, as I learned it, is broken down into the four Fs.

FOUNDRY: The designer and/or manufac­turer of sets of type. Berthold Direct Corpo­ration is a type foundry.

FAMILY: Related typefaces from the same foundry. Berthold Garamond is a type family.

FACE: The style of the type (regular, medium, bold, etc.). Berthold Garamond regular is one typeface while Berthold Garamond italic is a different typeface.

FONT: A typeface at a specific size. Berthold Garamond italic, 10 point is one font while Berthold Garamond italic, 12 point is a different font.

simply for the joy of the esoteric terminology hierarchy. See Template:Typography terms - Wikipedia if you need more.

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[typography] - Steingruber’s Alphabet

The Elephant's Memory is a pictorial language consisting of more than a hundred and a fifty combinable graphic elements (pictograms and ideograms).

good words. Octothorpe, Asterism, Interrobang, Interpunct, Dagger, Guillemets

The map of my alphabet

Hello, My Name Is...

"it's Helvetica, bitches" (more fake signage)

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[typography] - Read Regular, a typeface designed for dsylexia. (via k10k)

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November 25, 2000 - 1:01 AM
what font do you think in?

May 28, 2000 - 2:56 AM

i like playing with the character map : ‰ Š §
the alt combinations are just fun. alt-0177. alt-0172.
it feels like casting a spell in a text adventure.